About Butterfly Kisses Foundation

Butterfly Kisses Foundation is a nonprofit foundation founded in 2016 uniting our community to deliver smiles, strength, and hope, one cookie at a time to children with critical and ongoing illness and disabilities.

Why We Exist

Butterfly Kisses Foundation began with a desire to do something loving and meaningful for children whose health and lives are at risk. While watching Crystal, Co-Founder, fight for her life during her battle with breast cancer, her sister Kelly, Founder and Executive Director, felt helpless. As she tried to stay positive and strong, sometimes it would just get the best of her. One thing that would help her get through the day would be her daily picture or video of her great niece who was born just 1 month after the start of her treatment. Just seeing that innocent smiley face made her day just a little brighter.
Kelly and Crystal would hear stories of friends and families with children fighting for their lives and just couldn’t begin to imagine any child going through what Crystal was going through. They wanted to not feel helpless and do something to make a difference in these children’s lives, even if just for a moment.
This is why Butterfly Kisses Foundation was founded, delivering smiles, strength, and hope….one cookie at a time!

Our Mission

Do you remember as a child receiving a tender and sweet butterfly kiss?
For children affected by illness, a butterfly kiss is a warm and loving gesture to help a child feel that everything will be ok for the moment. 
Butterfly Kisses Foundation began with a desire to do something loving and meaningful for children whose health and lives are at risk.  Our cookies are so much more than just a cookie, we believe they have the power to bring a smile for a moment while making a child feel special.
The power to feel embraced by a warm hug, knowing that someone cares.
The power to be brave and stay strong and continue the fight.